One Component Reactive Adhesive

Universal application, enables high performance D4 bonds.

KLEIBERIT 605.1.20 is a new type of flowable reactive adhesive based on STP. The adhesive is a real all-rounder and adheres to almost all materials. In addition to wood and wood-based materials, it easily bonds painted surfaces as well as many types of plastic and metal (without sanding).

An adhesive bond with KLEIBERIT 605.1.20 offers the highest resistance values of class D4
(tested according to DIN EN 204) and Watt 91 (tested according to DIN EN 14257).

The processing properties of KLEIBERIT 605.1.20 are excellent. The time ratio between pressing time and open time (setting time) is very balanced. This allows both comfortable and fast working. The adhesive is applied by spatula, brush or roller and can also be easily dispensed from the squeeze bottle.

All of these advantages make KLEIBERIT 605.1.20 a real problem solver that no workshop should be without!


Shrink- and bubble-free curing

UV and weather resistant

Adhesion to painted surfaces, many plastics and metals, even
without sanding


Workable from +5 °C to 30 °C

No warping of the substrate with one-sided application

No water content, therefore no swelling of glue joints with e.g.

Very economical

No foaming

Combines the advantages of foil, lacquer and PUR glues

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Fields of Application

Manufacture of wall elements and other non-load-bearing structures
made of wood and wooden materials

Manufacture of wood products that are exposed to the weather,
such as windows, doors, fence elements and terrace components,
each with a suitable surface protection

Adhesion of wooden products and elements that are subject to
high loads or are temporarily exposed to increased moisture,
such as parquet flooring, sauna and bathroom furniture

Bonding of different materials such as: mineral building boards,
ceramic materials, concrete materials, rigid foams, wood, glass,
metals and many plastics

Carcase and frame gluing

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Adhesive Application



Tooth spatula

Nozzle System

From the handy squeeze bottle

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Skinning Time
approx. 8 minutes (at 20°C and 50% relative humidity)

approx. 1,5 g/cm³


Test certificates
D4 (DIN EN 204)
DIN EN 14257 (Watt 91)

For more information, see the technical data sheet




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